Cartoon Video - "Spooky Story"

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Customized Cartoon Animations

This cartoon and others can be customized to promote your website, business, organization, or online publication. You will notice my advertising appears three places in the video shown here.

The first ad is a call-to-action link that appears at the top of the screen as the video is playing. The second ad is a postroll ad that appears at the end of the video. Either one can be be linked to the landing page of your choice. Or, these spaces could be sold by you to one of your advertisers. The third ad is on this page where the video is presented. You are reading my ad now.

Here are ways you can promote your video (and your advertising messages).

You will be given a poster image such as this one:

And you will be provided with a link to a page such as this one which is dedicated to you and your video, such as this one:

For postings on social media all you need to do is post the link I give you in the posting box. Do not add the poster image. This way if someone clicks on the link it will take them directly to your video page and not to a page within the social media site.

For opt-in emails or for use with your website or blog, you can add both the poster image I send and link it to the link I provide. Or you can use the link alone and describe it with text.

Customizing my videos in this way is not expensive. I can set up that type of customization for only $25 per video.

The customized videos are of a general nature. If you need something slanted to your publication or pages, I can create those for you as well, however it would be more expensive. The cost would depend on the length and complexity of the video, but would probably run between $500 and $1000.

For custom cartooning or customization of any of my videos, call (458) 221-2708 or email

- Ron Coleman -